Thursday, January 15, 2009

Artist Way

This is from The Artist Way book.

Sketch Tree

Acrylic Painting

Thomas and I worked on this together.
He says it is the $10,000 painting and should be in a gallery!

Acrylic Chair and Table

Sketch Lamp

Sketch Chair and table

This is my favorite so far.

Sketch Flower Pot

I think this actually resembles a flower pot and the flower.

Sketch City Scene

After looking at a cafe scene that Van Gough painted...thought I would try it...first attemt at some of the dimensional stuff...

Sketch cup

Sketch chair

The legless chair! I was so darn proud of myself for what I had done at this point...I was nervouse about adding legs because I was not quite sure how to do them 'correctly' or 'proportionally'.

Sketch boats at sea

I wish I had used water colors on this instead of colored pencils. I think it is good.

Sketch Flower

I think this one is pretty cool.

Sketch Fence

Sketch Hat

Trying to work on shading....

Sketch Candles

I was trying to sketch Candle holders.

Sketch Flowers

I don't know if or what to use to color these flowers or the background.

Sketch of a Kitchen

First attempt at sketching something from a picture.

Purple Chair

First attempt at drawing a chair. I need to finish the window.